Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spring and Summer 2012

So since it has been soooo long since I posted, I am just going to highlight the past couple of months...

I went to a far off country in the Former Soviet Union.
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Saw lots of beautiful churches.

Roomed with my friend Kate and bundled up for the -9 degree Farenheit weather,

Celebrated Purim with costumes and lavish parties at Club D'lux,

And played with little Ukrainian kids in the snow!

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day with my crazy friends!

Made some wonderful additions to my ZTA family!!

Baked some challah to sell in order to help the local food bank and Sudan relief.

Ran a 10k with my friend Erica.

And celebrated Passover with a Matzah Ball.

And got to catch up with some of my Jew friends from home!

Relived some moments from Kiev in Laura's lawn room

Went to ZTA spring formal at Boars' Head Inn..

Got dressed up with my roommate Kylene!

And danced the night away with the other girls in my pledge class.

Ventured out to Foxfields 2012..

And enjoyed the day with big and my twin!

Raised money for cancer research at Relay for Life

Reunited with some friends from the mond!

Went sake bombing after Eiko...

And celebrated Stacey's graduation from JMU!

Finished finals and roadtripped down to North Myrtle Beach, SC for beach week and had a great 4 days!

Took another roadtrip with Sam and Kate through Thomasville to see the world's largest duncan phyfe chair...

And finally made it to Charlotte for the Dave concert.

And of course on the way back saw the world's largest freestanding chest of drawers in High Point, well as ate some great BBQ

Celebrated my friend Katherine's high school graduation as we send her off to South Carolina!

Went to my first major league baseball game - Go Braves!!

Hung out with my little cousins in Atlanta

 Watched my second big sister get married.

Celebrated my best friend Alana's 21st birthday!

It's been a great spring and summer of 2012 so far...can't wait for the rest!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

There's no place like home

The weekend before last I went home to Richmond to spend time with the fam before heading off to Kiev, Ukraine in 2 weeks. I love going home, not only because of the escape from the reality of tests (haha and you thought college was the escape from the real world..) but also because when my family gets together we can have fun doing really anything (including shopping, which we did). 

My sister surprised me (on accident) and came down from Arlington as well so it was a fun family gathering. We went to the mall, of course, because Becca needed some business clothes for work (typical YP) and we also bought some shoes and a gel manicure set. (updates later for how that went) 

Maddie we like to call her! This is how I relax at home haha

Since then I have been super busy studying for midterms and preparing to go to Kiev for Spring Break. I am going home on Friday for a day and a half before I have to be back in Cville at 5:30 am for the bus ride to JFK International Airport. I am going to need a lot of Tylenol PM and Benadryl to get through the 8 hour bus ride and then 10 hour plane ride to the Ukraine. But before then I get to go home, spend some time with my adorable puppy and family before they ship me off to the former Soviet Union.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Would you be my valentine?

So of course this year already I have seen many male college students gearing up for Valentine's day...not getting me flowers and chocolates..but personally I don't need them. I have my own Valentine-- my sister Becca! (Plus let's be real I don't need the calories..)

But for this Valentines day, I am going to treat myself to a pink and red day! All the pink and red items I would love to have in my room (and considering my favorite color is red..this won't be too hard for me to think of as they are going to be on my bank account)

I have been staring at these pumps for weeks....(maybe Valentines Day gift for myself?)
Betsey Johnson 'Caseyy' Pump

If you aren't boring, why should your Kitchen Aid mixer be?

Even though apparently you are more likely to get speeding tickets, a red BMW convertible wouldn't be so bad of a Valentines Day gift ...

And of course I NEED a red scarf to wear as I drive in my new convertible..

Juicy Couture 'Wavy Stripe' Scarf

And what every girl seems to want on Valentines Day, I want these rings, which may not be red, rose, or pink, but they are part of the Ariella collection which only seems appropriate and meant for me. I have also been wanting stackable rings for a long time.

Ariella Collection Multi-stone Stackable Rings

And last but not partings words for Valentines Day